Saturday, May 30, 2009

EE @ Helen's

Last night, the Care Group went to Helen's house for dinner and EE. Helen invited her friend, Veronica, to join us as the guest of honour. Also in attendance were Alvin, Sze2 and myself. Abesnt were Annie, Thai and Catherine.

Our gracious hostess served meat lasagna with all its oohy-goohy goodness. Yum in my tum! Sze2 and Alvin brought the ingredients for baking fresh garlic bread and making a baby spinach salad. I brought some strawberries for dessert, not knowing that Helen had already prepared a lot of berries as well. She also made these frozen yogourt cookie sandwiches. They were very delicious.

During dinner, we shared our testimonies with Veronica. Then she shared her experiences with us. It was a very enjoyable time as we were able to learn from one another and share our thoughts.

We ended the evening with prayers for one another. It was a very relaxing evening.

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