Sunday, June 29, 2008

六月 The Month of June

曲/詞: 藍奕邦 編曲/監製: 藍奕邦/李漢金
Song and lyrics by Pong Nan

別 恨自己生於這悲情世代
Don't hate yourself for having been born into this tragic era.
怎麼永垂不朽 轉眼亦已不再
However it might go down to posterity, it has vanished with the blink of an eye,
像 六月天空都會忽然飛霜
Such as the June sky that has suddenly filled with floating snowflakes.
把它當 美景仔細慢嘗
Treat it like a wondrous landscape that one should slowly savour.

慘 偏偏醉人漂亮 偏偏歎為觀止
Tragedy: why is it undeniably beautiful and sublime?
Why is the world mesmerized by pain and suffering?
淚光閃得明亮 亦可教人欣賞
Even the sparkling teardrops appear dazzling,
It's better than listening to a live musical performance

*我對天 高聲一再呼喊 從無回覆一下
*I lament to the Heavens, but I get no reply.
Maybe God has always treated us as a joke.
淚滴變成飛花 人們無需念掛
Tear drops become snowflakes, which people will forget.
If you don't have love to offer me, that's fine!
(If you can't carry me, at least carry the snowflakes)*

難道你們都感到害怕 Or perhaps you are all afraid, too.

想 天天笑容燦爛 可惜世情冷酷
Wish: everyday is smiley faces; regretfully, the world is cold and ruthless.
Joy and Anger, Happiness and Sorrow; they're not my choices to make.
萬種悲歡離合 逐一化為灰燼
A thousand kinds of sad and happy partings and reunions merely turn to ashes in the end;
Along with the snowflakes, they cover the ground.

Repeat @ with ( )

我也想 今生不再哭泣 樣樣事都不怕
I also wish that I will never shed another tear in this lifetime, and to never be afraid of anything again.
But first, I will have to be able to laugh at cruelty.
淚亦變成飛花 人們無需驚訝
The tears have turned to snowflakes, but people need not fear.
Anything worse that comes our way, we'll just laugh it off
In the hopes that I will never be afraid again.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pong Nan 藍奕邦 - 烈



也相信 我與你在灼熱



只要願意 愛上你這樣容易 
找得到花的意思 悼念著未幹的事*

只想到此 好好的相依一次

也相信 我與你 在灼熱


青春到此 好好的相依一次

只想到此 好好的相依一次

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bridal Shower @ C.W.'s

This past Saturday, I went to C.'s house with Clare to attend the bridal shower. I got to see Chan again, who is T.'s sister. We had a lot of good laughs. I also met one of T.'s colleagues, and she was very funny. We laughed about T. and his sister and how much they resemble one another.

Chan and T. have a similar accent: not a Vietnamese or Cantonese or any linguistic accent. Rather, I believe it's a special accent for their family only. They use the same phrases and expressions, which sounds hilarious when you hear Chan's voice in your ear, but you can picture T.'s voice in your head. Really, it was very funny for those of us who know T. well.

There were 2 funniest moments. One was when C. was beting quizzed on how well she knew her fiance, T. Clare and I knew a lot of the answers, but too bad we weren't sitting next to C., otherwise we would have given her the answers. Poor C., she ended up having to stuff her face with all these marshmellows, which is quite sickening if you think about it.

Then, C. had to open her gifts, and quite a number of women gave her lingerie. What made it funny was how some people gave her very revealing lingerie, and she liked the cute ones more, or the ones that were more conservative.

Overall, I would say it was a huge success! Thanks to Chris, Carol and Tien, the bridesmaids, for organizing this party.

Monday, June 16, 2008



監:Timothy Lau/Spencer Wong

從未掃地 我的家 有一股異常味
也偷歡喜 亂葬缸 四片牆是我的大地
脾氣壞 情緒爛 逃出去 到這裡大醉

地獄寄居 舊雪櫃放電結他
一個看天花 坐梳化渡假
家 就算又怪又可怕
有一點 擠迫嗎
也不奢望到豪宅插花 強迫優雅
全日化妝 感覺 會自在嗎

全屬禁地 像私己 這小小大場地
我快枯死 便會整晚發狂 大眾請避避
塗眼淚 無法睡 如粉碎如何捱下去

Repeat *

愚弄我 懲罰我 當打擊 這麼多
看看我 也不錯 小小單位救活我
玩我 蠶食我 死不肯認錯改過
我要唱 我的歌 香薰中一身赤裸

地獄寄居 電腦上有垃圾嗎
九百套新衫 炸毀衣櫃嗎
家 大概又怪又可怕
有一點 骯髒嗎
我私生活要人和議嗎 如不睇化
無謂理它 喜愛 到地獄嗎

Sunday, June 15, 2008



靜悄的半夜裡 在被窩努力進睡
但腦筋卻面對 工作高壓恐懼
睡覺總愛盤算 賬單失去預算
總會輾轉難眠 其實我可以避免
拿著電結他 深宵一個苦鍊
逃離麻煩和瞞騙 枕室中彈跳瘋癲

誰人沒脾氣吧 可否宣洩徹底轟炸
無奈唯有幻想吧 不理實際亂爬
聽到嗎 是我青春的年華

讓我消耗力氣 亂去洗擦或掃地
今晚處理 准我完全來忘記
孤單感覺卑微 原來床頭和床尾

誰人沒脾氣吧 可否宣洩徹底轟炸
無奈唯有幻想吧 不理實際亂爬
擺脫不安想喧嘩 不要太公式化
演奏我的功架 隨便來吧

還未能放下 朝早抑壓每天轟炸
臨睡前有幻想吧 一灘不滿又噴灑
誰沒脾氣嗎 可否宣洩徹底轟炸
無奈唯有幻想吧 不理實際亂爬
擺脫不安想喧嘩 不要太公式化
演奏我的功架 隨便來吧

Harper Gov't's Apology to the Victims of Residential Schools

Recently, the Harper government issued an apology to the Canadian aboriginal population, particularly the victims of the state or church-run residential schools. Since the 1800s, these residential schools had been set up for the "education" of Aboriginal children. It has to be noted that this form of "education" was a violation of the children's cultural identity more than anything else in the hopes of assimilating them. These children were forcefully taken from their homes and parents, and taken to boarding schools where they were given Christian names, taught western manners and customs and the English language above all.

In reality, everything about an Aboriginal child's heritage was supressed with numerous degrading methods of punishment. The worst part of all this was that the schools were run by pedophiles and sadists who sexually, physically, and emotionally abused the chidren.

The lasting remifications of residential schools is having created of a whole generation of Aboriginals who have become abusers, or are still sufferers of the memories of years of torment. Their children grew up with parents who abused drugs, alcohol, and sometimes themselves in the same ways that their parents were abused at these residential schools.

I applaud Ben Harper for this gesture of issuing an official apology, but more needs to be done.

1. Textbooks.
The content of Canadian history textbooks must be revised to include a more indepth analysis of this chapter in Canadian history. The Americans in the U.S. will never be able to live down the shame of their treatment of black slaves. Why should Canada be allowed to hide our shameful treatment of Aboriginal peoples by ignoring it in the classroom?

2. Community Services and Support
More community services must be erected in Aboriginal communities across Canada to help the survivors and their children cope with all this pain. The support system should be designed through consultation with Aboriginal community leaders, incorporating their own traditional methods of reconciliation for conflicts. This must not be a "white" system run by "white" people. At its heart, it must put the welfare and the recuperation of the Aboriginal people first and foremost on their list of priorities.

3. Monetary compensation
People who are directly affected by the abuse endured at the residential schools should be given some monetary compensation, perhaps in conjunction with a counselling program.

Do you want to know what is the most shameful part of all this? In the U.S., the descendants of the black slaves still live in the cities, and they are very much a part of the contemporary cultural fabric of America. By comparison, in Canada, most of the Aboriginals live on reserves, or in the remote northern parts of the country. On the reserves and far away from economically developed urban centres, the Aboriginal people are so much more easily ignored.

Over-populated Canadian cities don't have to deal with crimes committed by Aboriginals. We don't have to worry about Aboriginal gangs. We don't have Aboriginal musicians singing and chanting about drugs, guns and womanistic values. Instead, we can just ignore them. And we do.

We put more money into providing services to our immigrants than we do our Aboriginal compatriots. That has to change.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Revolution" by Starfield

If I'm here all alone
If I'm left behind
If they spit in my face
If they hate my kind

I will rise above
I will live for love
I will answer to the call
For the bond between
For the depth unseen
For my God forsake it all

'Cause I'm a fire
I'm a flood
I'm a revolution
I am a war
Already won
I'm a revolution

When the world is at war
When the grace is gone
When the hungry lay dead
While the rich live on

I will rise above
I will live for love
I will answer to the call
For the bond between
For a depth unseen
For my God forsake it all

(Here I stand)
Open hands
Waiting for You
I won't back down
I'll live to speak Your truth