Monday, March 28, 2005

Researching Background to "Satan's Kingdom"

According to a ghost story written by Isabella Taves, which is based on the real life ordeals of her neighbor, there was a house in Satan's Kingdom, near Hartford, Connecticut, that used to be haunted. The house has since been torn down and a condominum was built over it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

U.S. Missile Defense vs. Canadian Views of Security

I have two views on this, and they may seem slightly conflicting.

1. The U.S. has to realize that their sense of security is not the same as everyone else's and the U.S. must learn to accept this. Closing the border to Cdn. beef, cancelling Rice's visit, and not returning PM Martin's phone calls is nothing but childish. These are supposed to be adults, and yet their actions show a lack of ability to think and behave reasonably.

2. PM Martin must not let a sensitive issue like Missile Defense flip-flop like that again. He should have brought this issue out and let his cabinet and the opposition debate it thoroughly. After that, he should have settled with a decision and informed the U.S. gov't on it. Why did he let the media publish one opinion after another, all of which are found to be conflicting at this moment?

3. I am not surprised if the U.S. believed that Canada was going to support Missile Defense, becuase I am familiar with the Canadian Philosophy of Compromise. The Liberal politicians have a particularly stellar way of practicing this policy, and by stellar I mean stellarly indecisive. PM Martin has shown that he is one who reacts to what happens, not one who dictates what happens, and as PM, he should be doing the latter.