Saturday, February 04, 2006

Caricature of the Prophet Mohammed

When I read about the fires that were set upon the Danish and Norwiegen embassies in Damascus, I had to find the caricature that has caused such an uproar, one that can be felt all the way over here in Toronto's Muslim supermarkets like an aftershock.

After reading the article (see title's link), I have to say that I sympathize with the Muslims. I am offended by the portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist, and I'm not even Muslim! Why do I find it offensive? Simple. It perpetuates the misperception that all Muslims are secretly violent terrorists. It implies that all believers of Islam are dangerous and are out to destroy everyone else. In a city where there are so many kind-hearted and peaceable Muslims, I am offended by the implications behind this caricature.

The image does not induce laughter. Instead, it makes me feel angry that the efforts to help foster a more realistic image of Muslims are hit with a wall of ignorance and subversive racism. Using artistic and print media to infuse hate towards one religious group abuses everyone's right to the freedom of speech and expression.