Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bad Day

I went to the dentist's today for a cavity filling. Ouch! It went well, though. =)

Friday, February 25, 2005

Slang Dictionary

What a cool dictionary! It's funny how a lot of the content are slang for drugs and sex. ROTFL!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Dinner with the Laws

Last night, my family had dinner with the Laws. It was a Valentine's Day/New Year's dinner with both families together.

Mr. and Mrs. Law hired a chef to come to their house and cook us an authentic French dinner. Ray, the chef, graduated from a prestigious culinary academy located in Ottawa, which has its headquarters based in Paris.

The starting plate was the most delicious of the evening: roasted fresh fig with ...can't remember what it's called, but it's the liver of a goose, I think. It was very yummy. Next was the cream of asparagus soup, which was so tastey! Following that was the seared scallops and cabbage bundle. We took a "break" with a cup of frozen granny smith apples, mixed with white wine. It was lovely. It would make a nice dessert, I think. After that, we finally had our main course of the evening, which was a veal wrap with red pepper and mushrooms at the centre. It looked really nice. The mushrooms and truffle pieces were so fragrant - I LOVE MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLES. Lastly was the dessert: an orange flavoured controse with fresh fruits. This was very very yummy. I don't like liquor very much, but the orange juice and fresh fruits complimented it very nicely.

This was the most formal French dinner I've ever had. I loved how Ray came to our table and described every dish that he prepared for us. This was truly an experience that I don't think will be repeated for a long time.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Law!

Wedding Helpers' Party

On Saturday night, I attended Zemuppet and ChiquitaWonder's Wedding Helpers' Party. It was held at Chiquita's parents' house, and the guests were all of the closest friends of the couple.

The party began with a dinner of home made roast beef, sushi, and a selection of 3 salads, including Chiquita's famous spinach and tangerine salad. After that, we were sorted into groups to play games. I was in team #6 and our first game was Taboo. I think my team won by a few points only, I'm not sure (we weren't seriously counting points). The next activity station was the DDR, a dancing game on a mat. I was the first to try it with a member of the opposing team, and I, in my ignorance, selected a song that had the speed of 168 beats per minute. That means it's a VERY FAST paced tune to dance to. I lost the first round, but luckily, my teamates Corinna, Jeff and Yilee. They made up for my low score and we ended up winning that round.

The last activity station was table tennis, a sport I like very much. I have always been better at racquet sports, but table tennis took a bit adjusting to last night. We had a player on the opposing team who gave us a very good challenge. It was so much fun!

I left with W. later to go meet up with a friend of hers in Mississuaga. That was the end of the night.

The highlight for me was bumping into Yilee and Corinna, school mates from elementary and junior high school, respectively. We chatted for a long time and it was a very nice stroll down memory lane. I'll have to tell my friends about it later.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Toronto--Florida Child Porn Case

I believe in balances, and unfortunately, where you find the most purest form of love between a parent and a child, you will also find the most cruel and sickening form of violation: child porn.

I can imagine the hate that person A could feel for person B, leading to a murderous act. What I cannot imagine is how someone can take an innocent child and "brutalize" him or her by molesting the child. How sick and twisted does your mind have to be to carry out such a heinous act?

I hope the Toronto Sex Crimes unit will be able to crack this case and put an end to this girl's suffering soon. I hope it doesn't have to go to the point where the police have to release her photos to the public in an effort to locate her and save her.

The Superbowl

Okay, I watched the superbowl with my cousin W. tonight. It was very exciting in the remaining 2 mins.

I don't usually watch football, but once I understood what the objective was and how to achieve it, I began to get into the game. Of course, I rooted for the underdogs: the Philadelphia Eagles. When they completed the last touchdown, that was incredibly neat. It happened so fast, I couldn't even cheer for it in time.

At the end, I was sad that the Eagles lost, but I was very happy for them because they put up a good fight. They played their hearts out until the very end. Their QB (forgot his name) may have made too many mistakes in those last two minutes, but W. tells me that this is his first time playing at the Superbowl. I hope he doens't feel too bad about the loss because his team did fight until the very end.

I remarked to W. how these football players seem to have a lot of respect for one another, since opponent players were constantly giving each other a pat on the back. There seems to be a comaraderie between these football players that's really nice to see.

In Hockey, it's the opposite. Some hockey players really hate one another during a game. You don't see this type of comaraderie in hockey games. After A1 bodychecks B4, you won't see A1 going over to B4 afterwards to give him a tip with the gloves. Then again, the nature of the two games are so different. After tackling an opponent player, the ref would blow the whistle and you have to stop playing in a football game. In hockey, you keep skating away after you've thrown a check. You don't stick around to make sure that the opponent player is all right.

Still, sometimes, the explosive behaviour in hockey is very disheartening to see. Some defend it as saying it's in the heat of the moment. "In the heat of the moment" does not make a violent act any more justified.

I commend the football players for their repeated displays of sportmanship, even during such an intense game like the Superbowl.