Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Superbowl

Okay, I watched the superbowl with my cousin W. tonight. It was very exciting in the remaining 2 mins.

I don't usually watch football, but once I understood what the objective was and how to achieve it, I began to get into the game. Of course, I rooted for the underdogs: the Philadelphia Eagles. When they completed the last touchdown, that was incredibly neat. It happened so fast, I couldn't even cheer for it in time.

At the end, I was sad that the Eagles lost, but I was very happy for them because they put up a good fight. They played their hearts out until the very end. Their QB (forgot his name) may have made too many mistakes in those last two minutes, but W. tells me that this is his first time playing at the Superbowl. I hope he doens't feel too bad about the loss because his team did fight until the very end.

I remarked to W. how these football players seem to have a lot of respect for one another, since opponent players were constantly giving each other a pat on the back. There seems to be a comaraderie between these football players that's really nice to see.

In Hockey, it's the opposite. Some hockey players really hate one another during a game. You don't see this type of comaraderie in hockey games. After A1 bodychecks B4, you won't see A1 going over to B4 afterwards to give him a tip with the gloves. Then again, the nature of the two games are so different. After tackling an opponent player, the ref would blow the whistle and you have to stop playing in a football game. In hockey, you keep skating away after you've thrown a check. You don't stick around to make sure that the opponent player is all right.

Still, sometimes, the explosive behaviour in hockey is very disheartening to see. Some defend it as saying it's in the heat of the moment. "In the heat of the moment" does not make a violent act any more justified.

I commend the football players for their repeated displays of sportmanship, even during such an intense game like the Superbowl.

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littlesunmoon said...

That was nice comments about the football players. I think all sports should be that way - Good sportsmanship.