Monday, February 14, 2005

Wedding Helpers' Party

On Saturday night, I attended Zemuppet and ChiquitaWonder's Wedding Helpers' Party. It was held at Chiquita's parents' house, and the guests were all of the closest friends of the couple.

The party began with a dinner of home made roast beef, sushi, and a selection of 3 salads, including Chiquita's famous spinach and tangerine salad. After that, we were sorted into groups to play games. I was in team #6 and our first game was Taboo. I think my team won by a few points only, I'm not sure (we weren't seriously counting points). The next activity station was the DDR, a dancing game on a mat. I was the first to try it with a member of the opposing team, and I, in my ignorance, selected a song that had the speed of 168 beats per minute. That means it's a VERY FAST paced tune to dance to. I lost the first round, but luckily, my teamates Corinna, Jeff and Yilee. They made up for my low score and we ended up winning that round.

The last activity station was table tennis, a sport I like very much. I have always been better at racquet sports, but table tennis took a bit adjusting to last night. We had a player on the opposing team who gave us a very good challenge. It was so much fun!

I left with W. later to go meet up with a friend of hers in Mississuaga. That was the end of the night.

The highlight for me was bumping into Yilee and Corinna, school mates from elementary and junior high school, respectively. We chatted for a long time and it was a very nice stroll down memory lane. I'll have to tell my friends about it later.

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