Monday, April 24, 2006

Restaurant Review: Rex Saigon *

On Saturday, I went to the buffet restaurant on Brimley and Sheppard called Rex Saigon. It serves Thai, Vietnamese and Canadian foods. From the first few minutes of arriving at the restaurant, I already knew I would not like the experience.

In front of the lounge area by the entrance is the bar where waitresses go to pick up drinks for the customers. That is also where more than 8 parties of customers have to stand and wait for their table. My friend, T., had made a reservation for 7pm. We waited nearly an hour for our table. That is simply ridiculous!

While we stood next to the buffet waiting for our tables, we observed what foods choices there were. The most popular ones were the lobster and crab stations. People, young and old, men and women, held emply plates in their hands, standing next to the empty lobster and crab stations, waiting to pounce on the next delivery from the kitchen by the servers. When she started approaching, one eager customer said, "there it comes, there it comes!" When the food was poured from a big bowl into the dish, everyone stabbed their tongs into the lobster pile. Their plates were piled high, and in less than 1 minute, it was all gone.

The only things I liked were the oyster in garlic sauce and the mango salad. They were both very fresh, very delicious. The green curry with vegetables was too greasy. That's about all that I tried, cause that's all that interested me. Everything else reminded me too much of a fast food counter.

Overall, I give this buffet * out of 5. I would not go there again if I can help it.

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