Friday, April 28, 2006

Celebrating Linguistic Diversity 2006

After two days of attending a conference, plus an evening of Parent-Teacher's Night, I'm wiped out. Having said that, I went to the Bay on Yonge and Bloor after the conference and went shopping for sandals. They had scratch and save, and I bought 2 pairs of sandals. YAY!

The conference. Today, I heard a presentation by Kathy Escamillo, a professor from Colorado. She talked about the psychological and emotional trauma that an immigrant child has to endure, taking on adult roles and taking care of parents who can't communicate in everyday English.

Her presentation was very good, and she told many moving stories. Unfortunately, this was solely focussed on young children, so it didn't apply to my situation at all. My students have no problems maintaining their first language identity. In fact, it's harder to get them to embrace the Canadian culture and language.

Of the two workshops I attended, I found the History/Geography workshop led by 3 teachers from the York Region D.S.B. very helpful. They showed us many useful strategies on how to teach content-heavy subjects such as History and Geography to ESL students, some of whom have only a basic grasp of the language.

Today was much more useful than yesterday's.

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