Monday, December 19, 2005

Cuisine of India - Restaurant Review

Tonight, I had dinner with my dept. colleagues at the restaurant, Cuisine of India.

We had some rice pelau, some nan bread, and I ordered the ghati ghost (lamb stew). It was so tasty. I love pelau rice becuase it's so fragrant. Nan bread is so soft. Lamb stew...need I say more?

F. ordered a curried fish, which I forgot to try (darn it!). M. ordered the chicken tikka, which was very nice with the shredded cabbage. R. ordered the salmon, which was an aromatic bbq style, but I don't like salmon, so...

The service was mediochre. Normally, they serve you water first thing, and our waiter did not do that. He served the wine orders first. Now, normally, I would not be so picky about this, but the appetizer bread he gave us was so spicy hot! I couldn't believe it when he came with the wine first, and then we had to wait longer for the water.

What I don't like about this restaurant is that you have to pay extra for the nan bread and rice. Usually, other places I've been to serve you rice or nan to go with your main dish. Seriously, who would eat spicy lamb stew alone, or spicy curry fish alone? Honestly!

The dessert was lovely, as we shared an ice cream with pistacios. It's a spicy kind of hard ice cream. The misala chai tea was so creamy and delicious. I've never had tea that I have been able to call delicious, but this chai tea was just that. And, F. tells me that this wasn't even the best misala chai she's ever had. Whoa!!

All in all, it was a great dinner because of the company I shared it with, and because of the conversations we had. I haven't had such a harmonious, and at the same time exciting, dinner in a long time.

Restaurant: 3.5/5 stars

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