Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Teacher

Today, we finally met the new teacher for our department. Ms. R. is very young, very friendly, and is a new teacher, just like me.

She is really smart because she is doing a masters degree in American History of the Slavery period. Juggling school and first year of teaching is a very daunting thought.

My colleague, F., is very happy that we finally have another teacher to help teach the lower level students in the Family Studies course. Over-sized classes and small classrooms make it very hard for the teacher to teach, as well as the students to learn.

I hope the students will come to like their new teacher, and I hope that Ms. R. will find her new teaching job as pleasurable as I find mine, if not more! :D

Congrats to Ms. R.


miss.chip said...

hey girlfriend, im glad u seem to be enjoying ur job!! Glad also that pioneer village was a success like I said it would!! :P

Anyhoo, just want to say HI and keep updating! Byeeeeee

Anonymous said...

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