Sunday, October 23, 2005

Birthdays This Week

Over the past 3 days, I've celebrated 3 birthdays.

Today, my family celebrated my dad's birthday. He's now 65, and he's retiring. YAY!

Mum made us wonton noodle soup, crab steamed with scallions, and oyster pancakes. It was so yummy! Auntie Nellie ordered a durian cake for us. It was most delicious!

I bought dad an outdoor waterproof vest. Clint and Tammy got him a 3-month subscription to the World Daily newspaper. Aunt Le and Nellie got him a very nice Italian shirt, with matching tie, tie clip and a set of...cuff button things.

On Friday night, I went out with Eddie, Clare, Thai and Jack to celebrate E. and C.'s birthdays. We had dinner at China King Buffet on Yonge and Major Mack. The food was alright, but too much MSG. Afterwards, went to play minigolf. It was so much fun! My team lost, though. At one hole, it took me 7 swings because I kept hitting the ball too hard and it kept going past the hole. Ugh!!! That was hilarious! On my 2nd last hole, I got the ball in on the first attempt, but that was a total fluke, LOL.

I got Eddie the same waterproof vest as I did for my dad, and I got Clare a necklace by Jones New York, and a pair of earrings by Guess. They both seemed to like their gifts. =)

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