Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone a happy long weekend. Eat lots, and work out later! :D

My family isn't going to have a turkey thanksgiving this weekend. Muzpuppet and Chiquita are out of town, and we're also celebrating Chung-yeung festival today. If we have a turkey dinner tomorrow, then it's way, way, way too much fowl in two days.

Instead, we're going to have lasagna tomorrow, with a salad. The only thing I wish I could have is pumpkin pie. I love the Farmer's Market ones they sell at Loblaws.

This afternoon, both my family and Uncle Frank's family are going into Mississauga to visit the tombstones of my paternal grandparents. After that, they're coming over for dinner. Mum has made coconut curry chicken, salty roast chicken and soya sauce roast chicken. See? I said we were having a lot of fowl this weekend.

Okay, gotta go get ready.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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