Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Food, Food, and More Food

On Sunday, my family celebrated the Sept. 9th festival, "Chung-yeung." For this celebration, we went into Missassauga to visit the tombstones of my paternal grandparents. We laid down a pot of mums and chrysanthemums in front of the tombstones. After that, we paid our respects to them, and then we went home. At home, we had a dinner after venerating our grandparents and ancestors.

On Monday, I was planning on finishing up the marking and doing some grammar homework. At 2:30 pm, my best friend called me up.

Best Friend: C---? I'm coming to pick you up in 2 hours, okay?
C---: For dinner?
BF: Yes. You are coming to the dinner, right?
C---: I guess.
BF: J-- told you about the dinner, right? He said he told you about it.
C---: No, what dinner?
BF: The Thanksgiving dinner!
C---: OH!!!! Yes, I remember now!

So, I did end up having some turkey on Thanksgiving Day, thanks to J--. I also have to be thankful that I have a very caring family. Since I started my new job, I've found very little time to do house chores. My mum has been helping me out a great deal. Dad is driving to work more often so that he can give me a ride, which means I don't have to wait for the bus. I am extremely fortunate. In addition, I have to be thankful for having such a great 1st Teaching Job. The teachers in my dept. are so helpful, so considerate, and so generous with their time and expertise. I am truly very fortunate. I thank the Lord for surrounding me with these wonderful individuals, giving me the support I need right now.

Tonight, after work, I went out with the WTFF Club. That's not the "what the flying f---" club. That's the "we'll teach for food" club. We went to I Cook
Buffet for hotpot. It was a lot of fun cause the conversation was so hilarious and entertaining. Thanks to TT for organizing it, and MA for inviting me to join this club.

That ends this entry, and now you know why I gave it the title, "Food, Food and more Food." :P

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