Saturday, December 18, 2004

Thank You "Joseph" for his kind gesture

There is still kindness to be found in Torontonians. "Joseph" is one of them.

Today, I went grocery shopping with my dad at No Frills. While in the supermarket, Dad showed me how risky it was to clip my brother's cellphone on his belt. When he sits in the car and his leg is up, the cellphone might get pushed off his belt. That should have convinced him to put it in his coat pocket. As we got in the car to leave, he felt for the cellphone under his coat, and it was still attached to his belt.

After leaving No Frills, we drove to Bridlewood Mall. We parked the car, got out and went into the mall. My dad, wanting to make sure that he still had my brother's cellphone on his belt, felt for it. It wasn't there. He lifted his jacket and cried out, "oh no! Where's the cellphone?" I told him to check all his pockets, and he said the phone was never placed in a pocket, it was hanging from his belt. I scanned the floor of the mall entrance and I didn't see any cellphone.

Dad started to get very worried and I told him to stay calm. We'll retrace the steps and we might be able to find it. So, we backtracked to the parking lot and when the cellphone was still nowhere to be seen, we looked inside the car. We shifted the seats up and down to see if the phone might have fallen into a nook under the chair. Nope, the cellphone wasn't there either.

I told dad, let's go back to No Frills. Maybe he dropped it when we were loading the groceries into the trunk. If someone found it, they'd probably take it into the store and give it to the store clerk. "Of course not," said Dad. "They'll keep it for themselves!" I insisted it's worth a try.

We drove back to No Frills and Dad dropped me off in front of the supermarket, while he went to look in the area where we parked. Inside the store, I asked the cashier where we had lined up earlier if he had seen a cellphone. He said no one had turned anything in. He asked the lady at the next cash checkout if anyone had turned in a cellphone. His colleague said no. She told me to write down my contact info, so I did. Then he suggested that I call the number of the cellphone to see if anyone found it. I did as he suggested and I kept calling the number from my own cellphone for the next hour, until we got home. No one answered the phone. I thought, it's lost for sure.

When I finally got inside the house, I used the house phone to call. This time, someone picked up, and I could hear his breathing, but he wouldn't say a word. Then he'd hang up.

I kept calling, and I called about 6 more times before the man finally spoke. I told him he has my phone, and that I would like to get it back. In a heavy accent, he told me to come to his apartment to get it. He gave me his address and the instructions for the intercom in the building's lobby. I agreed. I asked him for his name and he said "Joseph." After we hung up, I looked the address and I couldn't find it. I called back and this time, the man's daughter answered. She gave me detailed instructions on how to find her building.

Dad drove us there and when I called the my brother's cellphone again and Joseph's daughter said he's coming down to the lobby. I waited and 5 mins later, an old man appeared exiting from the elevator. He was very thin, had grey hair, and a very friendly smile. I handed him a box of Ferero Roche chocolates and a lucky money pouch. We chatted for a little bit, and he explained he didn't know how to use the cellphone. He didn't feel confident speaking to strangers on a cellphone, but he spoke to me cause I told him I was looking for the phone. After that, we wished each other season greetings, and then we left.

What a nice kind gesture by Joseph. Thanks!

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chasezgranger said...

This is the sweetest story I've ever heard. :)