Saturday, December 18, 2004

How Anti-Climatic! =(

Tonight, I was planning on going to the City Hall and watch the Calvacade of Lights Christmas Celebration, which includes fireworks and music.

First, Dad and I went to pick up Mum from work. When we got there, she said she was feeling very sick and wanted to stay at home tonight. So we drove her home, and then we went to get dinner, and then we headed downtown.

When we got to City Hall, it was 8:10pm. We walked around, took some pictures of the Christmas lighting display, watched people skate, watched the zamboni clean the ice, and then it was 9:00pm. Now, I don't know why, but I have always been very interested in watching the zamboni clean the ice. Something about how the ice surface is all rough beforehand, and when the zamboni goes through it, it's all shiny and smooth. I love watching that.

Anyway, I finally went and asked one of the people who work there about what time does the fireworks start. Guess what he said?

"8 o'clock"
"So, it's over?"
"Yep, sorry."
"S'okay" (NO IT'S NOT!)

How sad. I was looking forward to this for 3 weeks and I missed it! ARRRGGH!!!


Anonymous said...

hey Cecelia, its me, sophia. man, that sucks that u missed something that u have been looking forward to for 3 weeks!! awww, i hope ur mom feels better!!

PheonixSong said...

Thanks for the thoughtful wishes, Sophia. I'll tell mom you said so. That will surely make her feel better, knowing someone cares.

And yeah, it really sucked. Good thing it was not very cold last night. We stood out there for an hour. Today is a totally different story. It's -30C! Brrr...

Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to make a sign-in for myself, but it's Deb. I too missed the fireworks, but we thought it was at 8. BUT . .. if you're looking for fireworks in TO, there's Holiday Dreams at Ontario Place!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant 7 - we thought the fireworks were at *7*.

PheonixSong said...

Okay, Deb. Thanks!