Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Set Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol (Click)

Been listening to two versions of this song, one sung by Martha Wainwright (original) and Cheryl Cole (cover).  I can see why many people would prefer Cole's version because her voice sounds more nasal, more pleasing to the ear.  Wainwright's voice is a lot sharper, and reminds me of Kate Bush.  Wainwright's voice is not what you'd normally hear in radio pop songs.

I much prefer Wainwright's version.  The intensity of her voice is a clear contrast to Gary Lightbody's, which is also quite nasal.  When I listen to them sing, I can hear the excrutiating yearning in their voices.  If their voices matched, that effect would be lost because they'd sound too well-blended, which is what I hear when I listen to Cole's version.  When Cole and Lightbody sing the duet, her voice almost overpowers his.  When Wainwright and Lightbody sing, his voice sounds more velvety, an effect that I find very emotive for this song.

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