Sunday, January 03, 2010

有很多的感想 that I would like to share

This has been a tremendously joyous holiday for me, partly because I didn't bring any marking home, and I was able to truly and fully spend time with family and friends, celebrating and enjoying a lot of relaxing activities with those I love most on earth.

It all started with the busy but fun Christmas shopping experience with my parents, friends and my aunt Le. Then it was hosting the Christmas Eve dinner where Mummy and I made 8 Cornish hens. She made 4 in the Chinese style, and I made 4 using a French/English recipe (using port wine). After that, we celebrated Christmas at my uncle Frank and aunt Anita's house, like we do every year. It was a rather small gathering this year since my two other cousins were absent.

My bro and his wife weren't able to attend any of these, but luckily, both families had 2 gatherings before they left on holiday to the Caribbean. Otherwise, it would have a been a bummer. I miss them. I hope they're having lots of fun after the hell they went through at the airport/hotel.

New Years has been unexpectedly amazing this year. First, I went to Jack's house with Clare to celebrate the Eve with his friends. These are friends that I haven't seen in a very long time, so I am so glad that I attended. We had so much fun eating really nicely crafted appetizers of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, ham with a fiery hot mustard, little pastries with minced meat, etc. Jack even placed them on a tiered serving tower, like you would see at a hotel during high tea. It looked very elegant!

For dinner, Jack made us a beef stew, which we had with Yorkshire pudding. My very first time! =D We all had fun commenting on the bitter roasted radicchio and other people's memories of eating brussel sprouts. After dinner, the ladies played Scene It, a film trivia game an guessed our way through almost all of it. Then we watched a movie together with Sandra Bullock in it. It was a very touching story. Too bad one of the ladies had to go and nurse her baby daughter, and so she had to miss most of it. Thanks to Clare, Wendy and Joanne for making the New Year's Eve party feel like a "girl's night in" party.

On New Year's day, Clare came up with an idea t 4:30 in the afternoon to have a get-together. Fortunately, Thai and Cat were available in the evening, so they graciously allowed us to visit them and have dinner at their house. It was a very small gathering as Eddie and Jack weren't able to join us, but it was so much fun to so something spontaneous for once. We watched most of Pong Nan's concert, all of Ivana Wong's concert, a compilation of Faye Wong footage from the 90s, and then some old TVB 武俠 (wuxia) television series opening songs. Unfortunately, a lot of them that I had added to my playlist have been removed due to copyright violations. OH DANG!!! Still, we stayed way past 1:30am!

I feel so incredibly blessed this Christmas and New Year's. Thanks to all my family members, relatives, friends and of course, the precious Lord above.

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