Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jerusalem Restaurant

Jerusalem Restaurant
125 Ravel Rd, North York (416) 490-7888

On Tuesday, my teacher colleagues from the ESL department had dinner at the Jerusalem Restaurant to celebrate the retirement and the wedding of two of our colleagues. The place looks very nice, very suitable for a banquet.

We started with a bottle of white wine from Australia. It was very nice. M. and D. are wine experts, and they chose just the right one. With wine served, we moved to the salad bar. The salad was very fresh, and the dressing was at just the right level of tartness. The selection was so various that every one of us found something to praise.

There was pita bread with hummus, tahini and baba ganouj dips. I thought they were a bit weak in flavour. M. tried the lamb and found it very delicious. F. and D. both tried a cheese roll that they originally thought contained spinach. Needless to say, it was very filling. I was half full after the salad, pita, and fish, they served shwarma chicken. Since no one else at the table was able to have it, I ended up eating half of it. Oink-oink!

The service was pleasant, and the atmosphere was quiet. I can't really critique the food because I didn't get to try very much of it. A lot of the warm dishes are still unknown to me. I would like to go back there and try some more.

I will hold off on giving any stars at this point.

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