Friday, January 13, 2006

Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview

This is an organization that aims to help "people in families, workplaces, schools and neighbourhoods understand and resolve conflict. CMS-D is committed to restorative justice and the peaceful resolution of conflict in order to reduce violence and crime, and build healthy and safe communities."

For my friend's birthday present this year, I made a donation on her behalf to the CMS-D. I chose this not-for-profit organization to benefit from L.'s honorary donation because they have a program called Restorative Justice Initiatives. It brings the "victims" and the "offenders" together to foster an environment where healing is the emphasis, where everyone is treated with dignity. I believe that it should be under this environment that those who caused pain and suffering obtain forgiveness, as well as to gain a sense of hope for positive change. In turn, this could reduce the feelings of resentment and rage in the "victims" and their families, ultimately allowing them to heal from their emotional wounds. These initiatives are conducted in collaboration with the Crown Attorney, lest anyone should think that it allows "offenders" to get way with an offence.

I recommend this page that cites a case study, which will illustrate the positive and long-lasting impact of CMS-D's work.

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