Sunday, June 05, 2005

Christians Leading by Bad Examples

After attending church regularly for a year, and on occasion, Sunday school classes, one thing I've learned from listening to the sermons and studying the scripture is that Christians are supposed to lead by example and be role models of kind, generous and charitable behaviour. What I witnessed today was far from that. So far, I am very disappointed still.

Today, I brought some cakes I made to my church's softball tournament. It's a bake sale, for which all the proceeds will go to a charity, the Canadian Cancer Society. Instead of supporting such a meaningful cause, and supporting our efforts to do something good, what I got from some of my "brothers and sisters" was mockery and put-downs. If they don't want to support my cause, fine; but it is really necessary to continually belittle our efforts.

This is the second time that I have encountered something like that. But this time, it hurts more becuase this time, these are my "brothers and sisters" who have done this to me, not some strangers that I met at another church. I will take this as God's challenge to me. As like in the Bible, there are good Christians and there are no so good Christians. Today, what happened to me was really caused by a few bad apples. I will try to put this into perspective and understand what having faith and dealing with adversity means.


Chip said...

You're right - Don't let a few bad apples spoil the batch! Although this sale did not turn out as planned, we've got the yardsale to look forward to and I'm sure that it will be better appreciated :)

We're here to keep fighting! :P

chiquitawonder said...

I'm very sorry about what happened. When I heard about it in China, I was very very angry and upset for you. It's stuff like this that turns me and other people away from the church as well.... but at least know that there are "Christians" (I use the term with quotations because I'm not sure I would identify myself as one under that particular label)out there who are appalled by this too.