Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stronach Defects to the Liberal Party

Right now, this is really exciting news. What Belinda Stronach has done she has shown her courage to act on what she believes is right.

Harper and other Conservatives accuse her defection to be motivated by career ambitions. They claim that she has never expressed any doubts to them about the Conservative platform. If that's what they truly believe, then they must not have been listening to what Stronach has been saying to the media and the public over the past three weeks. Namely, she is hesitant to vote down the government's budget to force an election because now is not the time.

Watching Harper giving his statement today in reaction to Stronach's defection, I have even less respect for him. The least he could do is acknowledge other people's concerns, instead of flatly denying them and labelling it with the word "ambition." This shows his narrow-mindedness and his inflexibility. How these qualities make him appealing as a candidate for Prime Minister, someone who is supposed to run a country adn to listen to the diverse voices of millions, is something that I will never understand.


miss.chip said...

WELL SAID! Chau and I read your post and couldn't have said it any better.

We still need to meet up with you for the Relay for Life thing!

PheonixSong said...

Yes, we do. Did you get my email? We're supposed to meet up next Saturday. Your sis wants to meet in the afternoon. I hope you're free.