Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I got the whole set of all 3 extended version DVDs today. The extended version in ROTK was very well done. It explained a lot of things that left me a bit puzzled after seeing it in the theatres.

I wonder about the story of Eowyn and Faromir. When my friend "Ecthelion" told me about their love story, I thought it was a very nice idea. In the film, it looks like Faromir took one look at her and fell in love with her. Soon, she did the same for him. That's all nice and fine, but I hope that the book gave a more elaborate set up for the love story to blossom. How could she go from having a crush on Aragorn to falling deeply in love with Faromir?

In the documentaries, Wood's imitation of Nick Nolte was quite amusing. I liked the 2nd ending a lot...in fact, I didn't see it as the 2nd ending, but just the ending. The scene where Aragorn is reunited with Arwen was not the ending at all. I was wondering what would happen to Frodo afterwards, if he would die from the wound in his heart. I'm glad that Jackson&Co. decided to show us the whole ending.

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chasezgranger said...

Hello pheonix song. I wonder myself how Faramir and Eowyn's love story was developed in the book. I should hope she didn't quickly lose her love for Aragorn to then fall for Faramir. Seems very childish in my eyes, but alas, I'm sure they lived happily ever after.

PeterParker said...

He was her rebound guy.

PheonixSong said...

LOL @ Peter Parker. =P

Greicy, I'm waiting for Ecthelion to come online and ask him. I could just go and read the book, but I think I'll have a lot more fun poking at Ecs for the info. =P